Children Ages 4-12

Your mind is probably filled with questions about your little daughter’s teeth.  

  • Does she need braces?
  • Do her jaws fit together right?
  • Do my son’s teeth need more space?  
  • Will those spaces that he has close?
  • Is it too early to do this?
  • My child still sucks her thumb!  Will my cutie pie need braces now? Later? Twice?
  • Are her adult teeth coming in ok? She still has so many baby teeth!  
  • What is an expander?
  • Why do all the other children have braces?

Children are saplings whose growth can be guided.

Every child has his or her own set of specific dental and facial developments that can be watched, over time, by an orthodontic specialist.  Dr. Kulkarni is a strong supporter of early treatment in children. Why? For so many reasons. Little children are saplings, that can be molded- teeth and bones can be guided into position much easier in a little one.  Waiting until children are older can miss a window of opportunity that helps teeth come in more predictably, simpler, and easier for your child. And self-esteem! Little children will often open up to her and let her know how much her treatment has helped them smile more. And feel better about themselves.

Consult by Age 7

The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends screening all children by age 7. Dr. Kulkarni will see your child younger than this- to check development. It doesn’t mean every child needs treatment, but it is helpful for you to find out if your child needs treatment and how it can help!

Dr. Kulkarni will ask a series of questions about your child and evaluate x rays to  check positions of developing teeth. She will also check how your child’s jaws are growing.  In many cases, simple suggestions or early treatment can help with very complex developmental concerns.  Saying “wait until the baby teeth are out” is not ok for your little princess! Dr. K will let you know what is the best for your child.

Early Treatment is Troubleshooting

At KSG Orthodontics, we will evaluate facial balance, bite development,  and growth of your child. Dr. K will count the number of teeth and make sure there are not any missing, or any extra!  She will give you her assessment of how to best help your child grow and develop with a great smile along with correct alignment.  

Dr. Kulkarni loves working with little children, and wants every experience to be fun!  And educational. Dr. K is happy to answer any questions you might have about your child.  Just ask! We can talk about expanders, braces, retainers. Dr. K is here to help. Call us at 412-409-4444 or email us for a consultation for your little one today!