David Spielvogel II

Practice Manager

Meet David

David started his career in orthodontics as a clinical assistant and is now the Office Manager at KSG Orthodontics! He has undertaken every position in an orthodontic office over the past 10 years. Whether it’s marketing, finance related, front desk, or chairside work, it’s safe to say that he has been in every seat. Well, except for Dr. Kulkarni’s! He attended Youngstown State University where he studied Piano at the Dana School of music. Yep, you read that right! While David’s passion is music, he was introduced to orthodontics and completely fell “head over heels” for it! “I knew I had chosen the correct path when I was training and saw a patient start crying when she looked at her new smile in the mirror for the first time. I thought, ‘I want to be a bigger part of this’, I can actually make a change in peoples’ lives!” Not only does he enjoy helping patients get the smile they’ve always dreamed of but he also loves developing lasting friendships with each person who walks through the door. Remember we are all family here at KSG!

Outside of KSG Orthodontics David is married and has a young, energetic son. Not only does he cherish his family, but he enjoys traveling with them and exploring new places as often as he can! He would love to sit and talk to you about sports, however it would be a very brief conversation. “It’s embarrassing to say, but I actually lost a bet because I couldn’t name 3 team members of the Steelers, my hometown team!!” Maybe a good conversation starter would be how’s the weather in Key West or Hawaii? - 2 of his favorite places to travel. Or ask him when his next concert is! Not only does he orchestrate the KSG office, but he is also a Director of Music at a church where plays the piano and organ, as well as conducts the choir. He frequently travels to different churches performing. So don’t forget to ask him for front row seats!